This lesson is about how to draw a Fennie girl. The lesson contains a step by step drawing scheme, consisting of 6 steps.

Step 1. 

Using circles of different sizes and shapes, we draw the basis on which further constructions will be made. With the help of a medium-sized circle, we depict the head, to which we successively draw three
more ovals. This will be the girl’s hand. A little to the right we mark the area of ​​the second hand. Below we draw a circle where the lower body, buttocks and upper thighs will be placed.

Step 2.

Then, in a series of several straight and curved lines, we connect the base, built at the last step, in a single. We depict the shape of the ear and the back of the neck, the shape of the chest. We outline the contour of the back of the back, top of the thigh and knees. Using the oval we draw the calf muscles.

Step 3.

Using two arcs, depict a hat of hair on the girl’s head. We specify the shape of the left hand. We outline the bent elbow joint and the outline of the hand. In straight lines we draw a flat stomach and a bend in the back. On the thigh, with an arc of a U-shaped shape, we outline the carpal part of the right hand. Under the buttocks, draw the soles of the feet on which the girl sits.

Step 4.

On the face we add eyebrows and a line of the mouth. We outline the auricle and the flowing lock of hair above the left eye, determine the length of the hairstyle. In the left hand we depict the outlines of a pistol - a thick barrel and a trigger. With one arc we draw a back bend, the second - a hip bend. We dress the girl by adding a top that covers the upper part of the body, and on the foot we draw a boot.

Step 5.

 Draw the eyes, pupils, eyelids and nostrils. On the hair we depict a number of curls. On the left hand holding the weapon, add fingers, one of which lies on the trigger. On the gun, we outline the area of ​​the muzzle. Behind the back we add the elbow joint of the left hand, on the right - we draw a glove. Our girl is dressed in short torn shorts, with large back pockets. On his feet
are boots.

Step 6. 

At the final stage, we are working with shadows and small details. We finish the lips and nose, on the right side of the face we depict a tattoo. We put deep shadows in the hair and on the clothes - top, shorts, boots and gloves. Shade the gun barrel. Add a number of folds on the arms, trunk and legs, and do not forget about the clothes.

In this lesson, how to draw a Fennie girl is completed. This sketch can be used for further work in color or to work it out in more detail with a pencil. We wish you creative success!