most everyone wants to have their own portrait at home, which is considered one of the most complex drawings that an artist can draw. It is not surprising that there is a great demand for this particular type of drawings. Therefore, the duty of a novice and experienced artist is to step by step improve their skills in drawing facial features of a person, because through the face you can convey not only gender and age, but also the character and temperament of the person.

By their features, portraits are divided into three types: children's, female and male. Today we will learn to draw the last look - a man’s portrait with a simple pencil . It has its own characteristics and secrets, which we will talk about in this step-by-step lesson.

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Tools and materials:

  • White sheet of paper.
  • A simple pencil.

  • Eraser.

Work Stages:

Photo 1. With a simple pencil, we outline the height and width of the man's face. Each person has a different size, but the average height is 1.5 times greater than the width. This should be guided by:

 Photo 2. We draw the portrait in full view, so the task is a little simplified. We make the right and left sides symmetrical. Draw a rounded frontal part, and on top we outline the cheekbones and chin:

 Photo 3. On the upper part of the face we draw an oblique line along which we will later position the hair. On the sides we retreat a small distance and fix it (for the ears). Above the frontal part, draw a curved line to determine the height of the hair:

 Photo 4. Through the whole face draw an axial line. It's no secret that it helps in making facial features more even. To find the location of the eyes, you need to divide the entire height of the head in half, which we did by drawing a horizontal line. Now add the height of the nose. It is located slightly above the middle of the lines of the eyes and chin:

 Photo 5. Next, draw the width of the mouth. From the extreme corners of the nose, draw lines that expand to the bottom. And from the chin we draw parallel lines. These four lines intersect about halfway between the nose and chin:

 Photo 6. Draw the nose, determining its width. Add the ears. They will cover with dumb hair on top:

 Photo 7. Our man will have wide eyebrows. For now, we outline their width with a line. We are not in a hurry to work out their details. Draw the shape of the hair and the lower part of the face, softening the lines:

 Photo 8. Now we can add eyes. It is important not to darken here, so we make the lines light. We stroke the eyebrows and draw the nose:

 Photo 9. Let's move on to the lips. They are made of medium size with pointed edges. We make the chin round:

 Photo 10. At this stage, we outline the location of the bristles near the nose:

 Photo 11. We single out with a simple pencil the main facial features: contour, eyes, nose:

 Photo 12. Start hatching your face. First you need to draw the edges of the face:

 Photo 13. Now lay the strokes on both sides of the nose, upper lip and the inside of the eyes:

 Photo 14. Thanks to the greater pressure on the pencil, we distinguish the eyes and eyebrows:

 Photo 15. Draw a shadow on the cheekbones, beard and hair:

 Photo 16. We continue to increase the saturation of the shadows and work out the details:

 Photo 17. From below we will draw the guy’s neck, shoulders and clothes with simple lines. We enhance the contrast of the face, highlighting the cheekbones, mouth and eyes:

 Photo 18. Add a shadow on the front of the hair. We continue to work on the shadow on the face, making strokes denser and softer:

 Photo 19. We pass to the neck. Her body tone is darker than her face. Select Adam's apple and clavicle:

 Photo 20. Draw a portrait in more detail, highlighting the contour of the face:
We strengthen the tone of the eyes and sharpen the contour of the cheekbones:
Add bristles on the cheekbones, around the mouth and chin. We finalize the missed stages. Work completed:

The male portrait has significant differences from the female. As you noticed, the lines are sharper and coarser, which is exactly the opposite of the female image. This is an important rule that should be remembered when drawing the face of a man . Now you can safely try to portray your near and dear ones guided by the material studied today