Step-by-step instructions for drawing a giraffe

How to draw a giraffe

In this really simple drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a simple giraffe.

Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world. They are known for their long necks, which they use to reach delicious leaves high on trees. " How to draw a giraffe" Although their necks are very long, they contain as many bones as your neck - only the bones are much, much bigger!

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Giraffes are also unique in that they have four stomachs, not one. This helps them digest hard leaves and twigs. Another fixture is the fifteen-inch tongue of a giraffe. The tongue of the giraffe is hard and covered with hair, so it can pull leaves from prickly trees.

Giraffes have long played a role in human culture. Societies across Africa portrayed the giraffe in their dancing, mythology, and art. The world's largest petroglyphs or cave paintings depict two life-size giraffes. The ancient Egyptians kept giraffes as pets and gave them their own hieroglyphic symbol. Surrealist artist Salvador Dali included flaming giraffes in his paintings. Melman, a giraffe, played a supporting role in the 2005 film Madagascar, and Geoffrey, Giraffe, has been a "representative" of R Us toy stores since the 1950s.

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Want to draw your own giraffe? This has never been easier with this simple, step-by-step drawing guide. Do you have a pencil and paper? This is all you need to stick your neck out and draw this interesting animal.

How to draw a giraffe

 How to draw a giraffe step 1 

Start drawing two circles, one high above the other. The upper circle forms the head of the giraffe, and the lower circle forms the part of the body at the base of its neck.

Giraffe stepto draw a giraffe step 2 

Draw a couple of bended lines interfacing the two circles." This forms the long neck of the giraffe.

How to draw a giraffe

Draw a giraffe step 3 

Using a curved line, attach a partially oval shape to the front of the giraffe's head. This forms the face and mouth of a giraffe.

How to draw a giraffe

How to draw a giraffe step 4 

Draw an oval near the shoulder, a circle at the base of the neck. This oval will form the hips of the hind legs.

How to draw a giraffe

How to draw a giraffe step 5 

Using two slightly curved lines, connect the circle and the oval, outlining the back and stomach. From the hips, extend a pair of curved lines, allowing the lines to converge at one point. Draw a tear shape below this point. This forms the tail of a giraffe with a tuft of fur at the end.

How to draw a giraffe

How to draw a giraffe 6

Giraffes have two hard bony horns on the tops of their heads. Draw them by stretching two sets of curved parallel lines from the head. Make a circle on top of each set of lines. Then draw the ear using two curved lines, allowing the lines to meet at a point.

How to draw a giraffe

 How to draw a giraffe step 7

 Wipe the guide lines from the head, neck and body of the giraffe.

How to draw a giraffe

How to draw a giraffe step 8

Draw the legs of the giraffe. For each leg, extend a set of curved parallel lines down from the body. Cover each leg with a short curved line. Notice how the lines diverge at the top of the back of the leg, outlining the bend of the thigh and thigh.