how to draw a  monkey

 Hello! Today we have prepared for you a very simple step-by-step drawing lesson, in which we will talk about how to draw a monkey.

Of course, looking at the mon

keys merrily throwing excrement at each other in the zoo, it is quite difficult to believe that these animals are our ancestors. 
But nevertheless, according to Darwin's theory, humans descended from apes, which means that we have a lot in common with them. Let's start this tutorial and learn 
how to draw a monkey !


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Step 1

From the artist's point of view, drawing a monkey is very interesting. If we are talking about realistic drawing, the similarities between the figures of a man and a monkey will be very noticeable. We have already drawn animals more than once - a Giraffe  , a dog , a girls Face   , and in terms of the structure of the figure and proportions, the silhouette of a monkey is much closer to a person than to these cute creatures.

True, let's make an important reservation - today we have a monkey in a cartoon style, so corrections for proportions and for the whole drawing as a whole will be appropriate. Note the features: a disproportionately large head, arms are longer than the knees (to a large extent, this is the cost of the angle), the body looks like a parabola and ends with a curling tail.

By the way, if you look at the monkey stickman in general, you will notice that he looks like a lizard stickman. Not gigantic and mythological, like a dragon  , but the most common and familiar lizard.

how to draw a  monkey


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Step 2

Now let's turn the stickman of our charming monkey into a silhouette. To begin with, let's mark her head with two lines - vertical and horizontal. Vertical (note the slight bend) indicates facial symmetry, while horizontal (bend is also present) indicates the position of the eyes. These two lines are perpendicular, and their bends indicate the position of the head - it is slightly unfolded and raised up.

The arms are divided into three distinct parts - the shoulder (between the head and the elbow), the forearm (from the elbow to the wrist) and the hand. Note that we didn't outline the brushes at all in the previous step. We outline the body with a short, but elongated figure, designate the legs with cylinders. By the way, the legs, like the arms, consist of three parts (from top to bottom): thigh, lower leg, foot. We did not outline the feet in the last step, so you will need to draw them here. Pay attention to their dimensions (they are disproportionately large) and curves.

We outline the silhouette of the tail with a smooth contour - it should be curved, but uniform. We finish the stage by sketching a liana, along which our monkey jumps from palm to palm .

how to draw a  monkey


Step 3

Let's draw the face of our monkey. Do not forget that the monkey should be, as in a bearded anecdote, and smart and beautiful, therefore, we will work on her face. Along the previously marked lines, we outline the eyes (it looks like two elongated ovals), ears, nose and mouth. Let's note an interesting point - just like in the facial proportions of a person, the upper tips of the monkey's ears lie on the same level with the eyebrows, and the lower tips coincide in level with the nose.

how to draw a  monkey


Step 4

Edging the facial sketches from the previous step with confident, clear lines, erase the extra guiding strokes. Draw the ears, mouth and a small vertical line under the nose. In the same step, we will draw the pupils - pay attention to their location, it is this that conveys the direction of the gaz

how to draw a  monkey


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Step 5

We will trim the liana, as well as the arms of our monkey, draw the fingers. Copy their shape and location as accurately as possible, because we need to convey exactly the grasping position of the hands. Use a few vertical strokes to mark the coat that ends at the wrist.

how to draw a  monkey


Step 6

Also, as in the previous steps, we frame the body, in the very center we draw a pattern that looks like an elongated potato.

how to draw a  monkey


Step 7

We finish the work by edging and drawing the lower legs and tail.

how to draw a  monkey

All the best, see you!

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