How to draw realistic mouth

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In this tutorial I will teach you how to draw a realistic mouth in 10 simple steps using a simple triangular shape. You can create different types of mouths, making small changes in the first step. I invented this method one day, somehow associating a pair of lips with a bow and arrow haha.

I always get messages from readers who have tried this tutorial and say it works great for them. I hope it works for you too!

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Step 1: Draw a triangle

Draw a long triangle. Then draw a curve (similar to a “u” shape). Draw a straight horizontal line between the "u" shape and the base of the triangle. The longer you draw the horizontal line, the wider the lips. The shorter the line, the fatter they will be.

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Step 2: Draw an arc

Create the contours for the upper lip, making a shape similar to the arch.

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Step 3: draw the lower lip

Create the lower lip by drawing a curved line that does not extend beyond the base of the triangle. Complete the mouth opening using the horizontal line as a guide.

4 3 - How to Draw Realistic Mouth Learn

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Step 4: Decide the direction of the light

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After erasing the trhere the light source is coming from. For this example, the light source is coming from the upper right. I have outlined the areas I want to highlight, in addition to adding a shadow on the left side of the lower lip.

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Step 5: Shade the upper and lower lip

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Sombre the upper and lower lip leaving the areas mentioned in STEP 4 the clearest. As you can see, there is a dark shadow under the lower lip. It starts to disappear on the right side to show that the light source is coming from the top right.

Step 6: Add lines at Lab ios

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Create some wrinkles on your lips using a 0.5 mm HB pencil. You don't want to press too hard or it will be difficult to achieve the effect in the next step.

Step 7: Mix the lower lip

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Smooth the shading on the lower lip. Avoid the areas mentioned in STEP 4. These areas will make your lips appear fuller and more round. You will notice that the wrinkles on the lips start to blend with the shading. But they must not disappear!

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Step 8: clear the highlights

09 - How to Draw Realistic Mouth Learn

Go over the lighter areas with the pointed end of a dented rubber and clean the highlights to create the glow effect.

STEP 9: Repeat

Repeat STEP 7-8 for the upper lip.

Step 10: finishing touches to the mouth design

10 3 - How to Draw Realistic Mouth Learn

Using a 6b pencil, darken the shadows in areas such as the outer edges of the lips, under the lower lip, the wrinkles and the corners of the lips.

You can change the size of the lips by moving the horizontal line up (to make the upper lip thin) or down (to make the upper lip thicker). In addition, adding more shine will make your lips look even plumper.

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Don't worry if your realistic design doesn't go as you expected it on the first try. Keep going and you will understand and understand each step. It will be much easier! Also, be sure to try out different triangle shapes and guide placement in STEP 2.

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